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Everyone wants to know when to buy, sell, or hold a stock. FAST Graphs reveals this by clearly illustrating the value of the business relative to its stock price.

Become a better investor with FAST Graphs

Investing in good businesses is key to above-average returns, and FAST Graphs helps you identify those businesses faster than ever before. Simple, but interactive, charts quickly let you identify valuation so you know when to buy, sell, and hold a stock.

Fundamental Charting
Easily visualize important metrics against historical stock price
Analyst Scorecards
Measure how accurate analysts have been regarding their forecasts
Track Your Portfolio
Record your transactions and visually see them compared to valuation
Company Financial Metrics
Quickly identify the health of the company’s financial statements
Stock Screener
Create custom screens from 18,000+ stocks to find research candidates
Detailed Forecasting
Get insights into possible future return based on certified estimates

How it works

Quickly know when to buy, hold and sell stocks correctly

This stock is Undervalued

The shares are undervalued, since the company’s income (orange line) is significantly higher than the current value of the shares (black line), it suggests the price should rise.

This stock is Fairly valued

When stocks are fairly priced (the black line is close to the orange line), consider maintaining your positions or even buying more. Buying at this stage still represents a great investment.

This stock is Overvalued

The company here is significantly overvalued, shown by the black line being much higher than the orange line. Owning shares here have considerably more risk of losing capital. Consider harvesting gains and reducing your positions.

Our solutions

Investing isn’t easy, but a tool like FAST Graphs assists in the process – for beginners and professionals

Why Valuation Matters

You can identify the best company in the world, but if the stock is too expensive then the investment isn’t worth it.

Analyze Past Performance Review Track Records Calculate Return Possibilities
Calculate Return Possibilities Review Track Records Analyze Past Performance